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World Hip Hop/Rap Association

The mission of World Hip Hop and Rap Association (WHHRA) is to be the world’s leading producer and provider of hip hop entertainment, re-gifting the culture in its truest form and giving it back to young men and women of color, and consumers of black culture. The company consists of a portfolio of brands that create and deliver original content to a worldwide audience. Using our brands to create one of kind content, services, live events and consumer products, we are committed to developing the most respected, creative, forward thinking and profitable hip hop experiences and products around the globe.

WHHRA is the leader in hip hop culture, teaching and championing the needs of young people of color. WHHRA will always serve as a reminder to young adults that hip hop was gifted to them on August 11, 1973, as an expression tool to show forgiveness, love, compassion and empathy.

Elements of Hip Hop Culture

Hip Hip is a culture created and practiced by inner city youth and adults alike. It is there love for the culture and art that we must always remember..


Hip Hop culture, at its core, is about the creativity of black and brown creatives, including the designer. Hip Hop fashion is unique from head to toe.


Every MC/rapper who grips the mic must understand how important of a tool it is. If one understands its importance, then one will understand how valuable words are. The fans are listening, give them value.


It is important to remember the DJ and producer, as they are often in the background, yet the most important piece to the music.

Record Label/Radio Station/Content Creator

Recording labels, radio and creators are a key compenents in the popularizing of rap music, thus, they must share in responsibility, positive and negative outcomes.

Hip Hop Dancer

The hip hop dancer popularizes moves and songs throughout the party and social spheres. The hip hopper is not afraid to move to the beat.


Happy Birthday to Chuck English

Cool Kids member Chuck English celebrates a birthday today.

Happy Birthday to Jaz O

Brooklyn MC Jaz O turns 54 today. Happy birthday!

Lil Mama Celebrates a Birthday

Niatia Kirkland, better known as Lil Mama turns 29 today. Happy birthday!

Rich Homie Quan Celebrates A Birthday

Happy birthday to Rich Homie Quan who turns 29.

Happy Birthday to Talib Kweli

Happy birthday to Talib Kweli as he celebrates his 43rd birthday

Black Thought Celebrates A Birthday

Roots front man Black Thought 47 today.

Happy Birthday to ASAP Rocky

ASAP honcho ASAP Rocky turns 30 today. Happy birthday!

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